Retail Showroom Design

The heart of your shop. We ensure that this area functions and is memorable to everyone that walks through. Designing this space to accommodate varying levels of traffic, patients of all ages and abilities, and staff, is an area of strength for us.

Lobby/Reception Areas

The one area of your business that anyone can see. It is where patients are the most likely to sit, to wait, and to reflect on their surroundings. We design areas that make them wait in awe, in smiles, and in anticipation for what is coming next.

Private Office Design

Admit it. You deserve it. An organized, calming, retreat that allows you to focus, regroup, and run your business. A well designed office is good for your mind and easy on your eyes. Besides, no one ever minds impressing their colleagues, right?

Auxiliary Spaces

Because your staff deserves the benefits of good design, too. Efficient, wellplanned, ergonomic areas to complete their duties and keep the business flowing smoothly. Our experience in running dispensaries helps us design these areas well.